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More Than Physician Recruitment.
More Than Doctors.

As the healthcare industry has grown more complex, healthcare organizations look to their staffing partners for more than just recruitment. Likewise, our clients require a more varied team of healthcare professionals – beyond physicians.That’s why Ascendo HealthCare develops tailored programs to meet your organization’s specific challenges and achieve your unique goals.


When you work with Ascendo Healthcare, you leverage decades of industry experience and gain access to real benefits that give your organization a measurable recruiting advantage: 

  • Extensive Database: You’ll have access to an extensive, exclusive database of pre-screened physicians representing all medical specialties and available to only a handful of search firms.
  • Efficent Searches: Ascendo HealthCare Search typically fills positions in 90 to 120 days, with an average of three fully vetted candidates per vacancy.
  • Placements That Stick: Ascendo Healthcare guarantees every placement for a full year, and if necessary, we will conduct a no-charge replacement search.
  • Fill the Difficult Searches: Ascendo Healthcare has successfully recruited for nearly every medical specialty and has generated extraordinary results even for specialties facing extreme shortages such as primary care.

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A Partner to Your In-House Team

  • After Hours Recruiting: At Ascendo Healthcare, our Recruiters work around the candidate's schedules, connecting with candidates after 5pm on weekdays and on weekends

  • Multi-Channel Recruitment: Benefit from having your opportunity broadcast via social media, job boards, direct mail, and  email to access passive and active candidates


More Than a Resume Factory: At Ascendo Healthcare, we make sure to assist our clients through the entire process, from pre-sc reening candidates and scheduling visits, to checking references and informing them of current compensation ranges